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License plates recognition software

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Can be used with access control system, parking management, paid parking lots, etc.


Flexible configuration allows you to adapt the software to your needs.


Easy integration with existing systems and equipment.


Can be used on PCs with low system requirements.

About program

Guard Vision is software for recognition of all type of EU license plates. 

System adds the recognized plate number into the database and gives commands to execution devices (barriers, gates, etc.) using the ModBus protocol. Installation and configuration of the program is quite easy and fast! In addition to recognition of plate numbers, the system determines the direction in which vehicle moves, fixes the time and date of arrival / departure, photo and plate number of the vehicle. 
Guard Vision can be integrated with other systems, such as:
     • access control system;
     • security systems;
     • parking management;
     • paid parking lots;
     • entry to the territory;
     • car weighting;
     • billing systems;
     • CMS and etc.



In this section you can download Guard Vision installation package and

software documents.

Guard Vision installation package:

License request

To request a license, please, fill in the form and attach the request file generated by Guard Vision (the file with the name LicenseRequest.lic is located in the directory with the program in License folder).
After filling in the form, you need to wait for a reply to the request and receive an e-mail file named License.lic, which you need to move to a directory with the name License (located in the program installation folder).


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