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About program


          Guard Vision is software for recognition of all type of EU license plates. System adds the recognized plate number into the database and gives commands to execution devices (barriers, gates, etc.) using the ModBus protocol.

          Installation and configuration of the program is quite easy and fast! All you need for configuration is the RTSP stream from the IP camera.

         In addition to recognition of plate numbers, the system determines the direction in which vehicle moves, fixes the time and date of arrival / departure, photo and plate number of the vehicle. All data is stored in the MySql database and can be used in third-party applications and WEB servers.

          Guard Vision has already implemented JSON format data exchange system that is applicable to third-party access control systems. The software can be used in various areas.

          Guard Vision can be integrated with other systems, such as:

      • access control system;
      • security systems;
      • parking management;
      • paid parking lots;
      • entry to the territory;
      • car weighting;
      • billing systems;
      • CMS and etc.
          System advantage is that it is not resource-intensive application. Flexible configuration allows you to adapt the software to your needs.

          You will be pleased with the result!


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