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Integration of Guard Vision with CCTV

Integration of Guard Vision with CCTV

«Guard Vision» – is software for recognition of all type of EU license plates. This product allows you to solve many problems with the territory control. The interaction of the program with the video surveillance system makes it possible to recognize license plates in real time.

The video surveillance system is based on a video recorder that records information and saves all data to a hard drive. It can be analog, network, or hybrid. We use network or hybrid video recorders (DVR – Digital Video Recorder).

The DVR is connected to the PoE Switch (Power over Ethernet Switch) – this is a network switch that powers network devices, namely: cameras, ICP-CON, network hubs, etc.

Next, IP cameras are connected to the switch. One camera is responsible for reading the license plate before the arrival of vehicles, the second – before leaving. The resolution of the cameras should be at least 2 megapixels. In this case recognition process will be more successful. After installing the camera, you need to adjust the photosensitivity, wide dynamic range, depth of field, noise and color reproduction. It is better to adjust camera in the dark, in order to be on the safe side that number will be visible and recognized at night.

Then the cameras are connected to the Guard Vision software over the network. RTSP (Real time streaming protocol) stream from IP camera is needed for setting the program.

As a result, the system gives commands to actuating devices, for example, barriers, via ModBus protocol.

Guard Vision is a very good and high-level tool for recognizing license plates!

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