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License plate recognition systems

License plate recognition systems

Nowadays, license plate recognition technologies are gaining high popularity. Their installation allows you to control the arrival and movement of cars, record the exact time and date of arrival / departure, determine the direction of movement and license plate number of cars. And this is not the whole list of tasks that can be implemented!

Automobile license plate recognition system — software that determines the license plate number of a car. All data is stored in the SQL database and can be used in third-party applications and WEB servers. And archive that’s created makes it possible quickly and efficiently work with them.

The main customers of such systems are state and commercial structures, owners of parking lots, petrol stations, etc. After all, the integration of the system allows the customer improving territory control, providing a full range of necessary tasks, as well as minimizing the human factor.

Using license plate recognition technology makes many of the necessary processes automatic and provides maximum reliability for each client!

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