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Parking management solutions

Parking management solutions

Parking is the first and last point of contact for a client in a shopping center, a passenger at the airport or a visitor in a restaurant. From the side of the business owners it is extremely important that the parking space is as convenient as possible for its visitors. And we can provide this!

At the moment, the Guard Vision team – a group of enthusiasts passionate about what they do – is working tirelessly on automating car parking processes. Our experts help their clients to cover all the needs of the customer and achieve maximum results in this area.

One of our business areas is development of Guard Vision software for license plate recognition (ALPR). It allows you to automate the process of check-in / check-out of a vehicle on the area and perfectly adapts to any type of installation, starting from simple parking up to larger projects with a high level of traffic. Flexible configuration and well-designed parking solutions are user-oriented for maximum use of the area and improving traffic flow.

The main features of the program are:

  • fixing territory entrance / exit date;
  • determination of driving direction;
  • interaction with weights;
  • working with information boards and panels;
  • working with the ModBus protocol;
  • working with access control systems;
  • working with third-party servers and BPM and others.

And that’s not all! Since we are software developers, this allows us to make changes to the program functionality as quickly as possible to achieve our goal.

There are many solutions on the market that allow you to recognize a licence plate number, but they are not able to be integrated with others. Our support team will be happy to answer all the technical questions you may have, install the software and set it into operation, our managers will advise on all financial issues.

Enjoy all the benefits of working with us. Have a look at Guard Vision right now!

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