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The new version of Guard Vision software 1.0.0

On the 21-st of April 2021, Texpo OÜ announced the release of a new version of Guard Vision 1.0.0 software for automatic license plate recognition. Texpo OÜ pays great attention to optimizing its software, increasing its performance, and updating functionality! Version 1.0.0. is not an exception. You can get more detailed information on the software…
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Parking management solutions

Parking is the first and last point of contact for a client in a shopping center, a passenger at the airport or a visitor in a restaurant. From the side of the business owners it is extremely important that the parking space is as convenient as possible for its visitors. And we can provide this!…
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ModBus Protocol

The ModBus protocol is one of the most popular industry protocols for M2M (machine to machine) interaction. It is widely used to build communication between devices, as well as to transfer data through communication lines. This protocol is very versatile and open, it allows you to connect equipment from different manufacturers. ModBus is used for:…
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Integration of Guard Vision with CCTV

«Guard Vision» – is software for recognition of all type of EU license plates. This product allows you to solve many problems with the territory control. The interaction of the program with the video surveillance system makes it possible to recognize license plates in real time. The video surveillance system is based on a video…
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Why do I need a database in license plate recognition systems

Nowadays, most enterprises make many different processes automatic and control the entrance to the territory or parking without human involvement. In such cases, license plate recognition systems are used. Each system has its own database – a data storage and access through SQL (Structured Query Language) system. One of the most popular databases is MySQL,…
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License plate recognition systems

Nowadays, license plate recognition technologies are gaining high popularity. Their installation allows you to control the arrival and movement of cars, record the exact time and date of arrival / departure, determine the direction of movement and license plate number of cars. And this is not the whole list of tasks that can be implemented!…
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