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Why do I need a database in license plate recognition systems

Why do I need a database in license plate recognition systems

Nowadays, most enterprises make many different processes automatic and control the entrance to the territory or parking without human involvement. In such cases, license plate recognition systems are used. Each system has its own database – a data storage and access through SQL (Structured Query Language) system.

One of the most popular databases is MySQL, because it:

  • available on all known server OS;
  • has flexible settings;
  • user friendly.

MySQL is a free relational database management system. The word “relational” means that the data is stored in the form of interconnected tables. The database uses structured query language SQL to communicate with other applications. It is used in number recognition systems for saving incoming data. In simple terms, it provides a place where all recognized license plate numbers of cars that fall in the field of recognition will be located.

 Database can be stored on any PC or server where the MySQL server is installed with network access to it. All data can be viewed in the MySQL database, in the application or through the website, which are associated with the system database.

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